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Vision For Change and Give Big Gallatin Valley


On a stuffy airplane flight from Denver to Bozeman this last December I was having a conversation with one of my good friends, Lorenzo. He now happens to be a kick-ass shooter and editor for CoffeeBoys. We had both been visiting home for christmas and happened to be on the same flight back to Bozeman. We got to talking about our time in Bozeman over the last 5 years and about how we really wanted to be more involved in the community. Maybe it was the holiday spirit, or the recycled airplane air, but we decided we should do something. I was reminded of a video production company who had donated a video to a non-profit. It was a cool way to donate our time and skills and get involved in the community. I also knew that creative services is one of the areas that nonprofits often don’t have much of a budget for, even though video can be a huge asset for awareness and fundraising efforts. We thought this was a pretty good idea, but at the time CoffeeBoys just didn’t have the bandwidth to pull it off.


Fast forward four months. We were sitting in the office trying to figure out the best way to launch this idea. We had a name, “Vision For Change.” We had a logo sketched up on a napkin from Roost Fried Chicken. Now what? One of our other team members, McCullough, mentions Give Big Gallatin Valley, “What if we donate a video as a prize?” And that was that. It was a perfect way to get in front of a bunch of non-profits who had absolutely no idea who we were. We met with The Bozeman Community Foundation who puts on the event. Darby Lacey has done an awesome job making Give Big a success, and we soon found out how. We walked in to Rockford Coffee wanting to donate a single video as a prize, and walked out having donated three, and we were happy to do it. One of those videos went to The Bozeman Community Foundation to help capture the day and create a recap video. The other two were prizes awarded by raffle at the end of the event. One was for any organization who met the minimum donor requirements, won by Gallatin Valley YMCA  and the other was specifically for a small budget organization, won by SLAM.

Photo May 09, 4 32 05 PM.jpg


Give Big Gallatin Valley Kicked off on Thursday, May 3rd at 6pm. We split up in two teams, one to Belgrade to shoot the kick-off party at The Mint, and one to the Bozeman Taproom. A crew went up to Big Sky bright and early on Friday to cover the events in the village and then we spent the rest of the day in downtown Bozeman, finishing the evening at the finale party. It was there that we heard the final numbers. An impressive $1,282,177.42 had been donated in just 24 hours. 4,742 donors participated, engaging with 194 nonprofits. We were stoked for Give Big. It was an awesome experience to be a part of. We ended the day with a Facebook live announcement to give away our prizes, even though we aren’t the most comfortable in front of the camera.


Our Vision For Change program is something we are really excited about. We wanted to use Give Big Gallatin Valley as a way to announce the program, but its not the only way to have a video produced by us. Through the Vision For Change program we will award a video production to a non-profit every quarter. Organizations will be invited to submit an application and we will select a nonprofit we feel will benefit the most from our services. You can use our services for a crowdfunding video, a PSA, an event video, etc. as long as they fall under the selected scope of work. You can visit to find out more information.

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