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The Montana Racial Equity Project + CoffeeBoys Vision for Change

In preparation for the 2019 Vision for Change program, we asked The Montana Racial Equity Project to give us some feedback on their experience, this is what they had to say.


The 4th Quarter of 2018, we had the great fortuity to work with CoffeeBoys Productions as part of their Vision For Change Program. We learned of CoffeeBoys last year during the annual Give Big Gallatin Valley. As we were gearing up for our End of Year Fundraising Appeal, we remembered that CoffeeBoys has a program in which they donate their video services to non-profit organizations. So, we went to their website and applied immediately. The application was pretty straightforward; we were beyond elated upon hearing we were selected for their program.


The process leading up to creating the video was exceptional to say the least. As a non-profit working for racial equity and social justice, we face many challenges, all of which CoffeeBoys understood. They were professional, creative, timely, and very organized. In a nutshell, they are some of the nicest people you will work with. During our meetings, the CoffeeBoys Productions crew was very attentive; they really cared about getting to know the heart of our organization to capture its essence on video. What we most appreciated and enjoyed about this experience was the ability to really collaborate with CoffeeBoys. They didn’t just come in and say “we are going to do x, y, and z”; they really allowed us to work through the vision of our promotional video. In the end, it was a good balance of our input and their professional expertise.


Our promotional video greatly impacted our End of Year fundraising appeal. Not only did the video excite our donors, but it also helped us draw in a larger audience and gain new supporters. We are very grateful for the wonderful opportunity CoffeeBoys offered us. Without their Vision for Change Program, we would not have considered shooting a promotional video to help with our fundraising appeal and also serve as an evergreen brand video.

Thank you CoffeeBoys!


Written by the Montana Racial Equity Project

Duncan Williamson