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Happy New Year!

The blog is back! After a busy end of the year, it’s finally time to jump back into it! 2018 has gone and went. This time of year is often used to make resolutions, set goals, and plan for the year ahead. But the New Year is also an out point, a marker to look back.


CoffeeBoys was originally started 3 years ago (almost to the day) by a group of friends who met in the Film Program at Montana State University. Initially, it was a way to cut our teeth working on projects outside the film school, and make a few extra bucks here and there. It soon turned into a fairly substantial side hustle, creating videos for local Bozeman businesses and covering events in the area. After graduation, the core group changed, but the drive to provide quality video production through a young, driven team continued. There seemed to be a real need for video production in the Bozeman area, and although it wasn’t easy, we started to gain traction.

2018 began with a major shift. As a start, we moved offices, and then doubled our staff. We also began providing companies with video production campaigns, as opposed to one off videos, or single commercials. We grew our abilities as a film production company, offering FAA Licensed aerial cinematography, studio productions, and a more substantial kit. We were lucky enough to work with companies and brands we are very passionate about, and impact their businesses in a positive way.


The highlight of the year for me has been the successful launch of our Vision For Change program. You can learn more about the program here and the story behind it here.  We started the program with Give Big 2018, giving away two videos as prizes. Our first open application process for non-profits was in October, offering up a 60-90 second video to a non-profit. We saw an awesome response for our first go at it, and chose the Montana Racial Equity Project as the winner. We worked with Judith and the team there to produce a piece we are very proud of. This was a team effort, but Eric Hinsperger, and editor and cam op for CoffeeBoys, deserves huge props for this one. Even more important that producing a video we are proud of, we truly believe we were able to impact The Montana Racial Equity Project’s year end fundraising efforts. And that was the whole reason we wanted to start this program.


From the growth of our team, to the relationships we continued to build within the community, 2018 was a foundational year for CoffeeBoys, we can’t wait to see what projects 2019 brings. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to stay connected. And keep a look out for more frequent blog posts coming in 2019.