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Making the jump to event video

So you are planning for your next customer appreciation event, annual conference, product launch, seminar, etc. You know the value of video, and you know you want it, but you aren’t sure where to start. In today's post we break down the various types of event focused videos you might want to explore and why.

All photos and videos are courtesy of PFL the CoffeeBoys captured during their Big Sky Big Ideas event.

The Promo/Hype Video

This is the most common type of video that we produce for upcoming events. We have discussed the value of video marketing, and this is no exception. A short, 60-second or less video can work wonders for your event. In one video you can inform your audience with the necessary information for your event and also set the tone for what is to come. An engaging, energetic promotional video also has a large amount of mileage, being widely shareable on social media and through email campaigns.

If this is the inaugural event, it can be a little harder to produce a promo because you don’t have any footage of the previous year’s event. However, there are ways around this problem. A energetic interview with the CEO along with footage of the employees can be turned into a compelling inaugural announcement.   


The Agenda Video

You have done a promo video that has been circulating through your campaigns and generating excitement. Now what? If you want to refresh your content, produce an agenda video to carry you over the goal line.

Agenda videos are typically graphics based videos which can be used in a number of ways. They give attendees an engaging look into the schedule of your event, and offer an overview of the speakers and their topics. This is also the time to start including the event sponsors as well. Agenda videos are multi-purpose videos that  work well both as a lead up to the event and as screensavers for projector screens or video monitors as a way to effectively communicate information during the event.


The Welcome/Opening Film

A great way to engage your attendees right off the bat is to show a welcome or opening film. We tend to produce these for product launch and large scale conferences. Welcome video sets the mood and energy level for the event and can carry you a long way.  It can be a great way to let your customers and attendees learn about a new product, or get them excited for what the next few days has to offer. These videos don’t necessarily contain a ton of information but just enough to get everyone excited and waiting to hear more.



The Recap Video


So your event was a success and you want to carry the momentum you gained during it into the future.What do you do? A great way to re-engage with your customers/attendees is a recap video. It can be a great way to provide an overview of the event. Power quotes from the keynote speaker, and interviews from attendees allow the viewer to remember why they enjoyed the event and what they learned. Filming these interviews at the event is also important because it captures the energy that is in the room at the time and trust us, that energy comes through in the video. It is important to get the recap video created as quickly as possible after the event is over. We usually work in a rush fee to produce the recap video within 24 hours of an event, allowing you as the client to get the most mileage out of the your video while the event is still fresh.


The Speaker Features

To continue your post event content stream, we often produce TED Talk style videos for each speaker (assuming they granted access to record the presentation). You can use these videos to populate a web page or YouTube channel, and give your attendees the ability to share with their team once back in the office.  



All of these videos have great potential to engage your attendees and customers. Lucky for you CoffeeBoys have experience producing each and everyone. Get in touch today to talk about how we can help capture your big day. 

Duncan Williamson