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So you want to make a video...


With the growing need for video marketing, more and more companies are making the leap into video production. When it comes to finding the right video producer, it can be overwhelming. Do you hire a local videographer? A documentary filmmaker? A boutique film production company? Do you need a team? Can one person do it? How much should you be prepared to spend? How long does it take?

Here are a few tips about how to approach your video production needs:


1. Why do you need a video? You may not know exactly what kind of video you want to make, but it is important to know what your marketing needs are. Do you need to drive awareness? Educate? Get a high conversion rate? Are you just trying to build content? These are all things to keep in mind.

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2. How much can you spend? Having a good understanding of how much you can spend will make it easier to decide what type of organization you should be working with. Your budget will also determine the length and scope of production you can undertake.

3. When do you want people to see it? It’s important to think about a desired delivery date when approaching a video producer. It’s usually the first thing I ask a client when we sit down. We then work backwards from the delivery date to create a shooting and editing schedule.

4. How do you want people to see it? Having an understanding of where your videos will be published can greatly influence the way we produce them. If you want to publish your video on social media, we will approach it very differently than a brand video for your website. Length, graphics, audio and call to action are all things that will be dictated by the audience.


5. Be flexible. Video production can be unpredictable. Shoots can be canceled because of weather, travel issues, construction nearby the shoot location, client products not arriving on time and others. 

6. Don’t be intimidated. Don’t let these things scare you. No matter how far along in the planning process you are, we are here to help. Don’t be afraid to reach out. We’d love to grab a coffee and help you work through the details. Regardless of budget size, scope of production, or timeline, we will work together to bring your vision to life.

Duncan Williamson