Social Media Video Production in Montana | 30-Second Video

CoffeeBoys Productions provides social media video production services in Montana for a variety of businesses. Ask about our 30-second video ads today!

30-Second Video Ads in Montana


You need something quick that will grab everyone’s attention. Whether it’s footage of a giant bubble popping or a bulldog jumping in midair in slow-motion, CoffeeBoys can help turn your creative idea into a professional ad! Almost 50% of web users look at a video before visiting a store, and 72% of people would rather use video to learn about a product or service when video and text are available on the same page. That’s why you need the best 30 second video ads in Montana!

We are experts at social media video production in Montana. With our Espresso Shot service, we will listen to your hopes for your ad and do our best to exceed those expectations! Your video will have the potential to be promoted across a variety of mediums to reach a larger audience.

Why 30-second videos?

Brands and aspiring media influencers that utilize professional videography reach larger audiences. Over 500 million people watch Facebook videos every day. Over half of your potential customers watch video on social media. Plus, landing pages that feature video have the potential to increase conversions by up to 80%.

30-second video ads are great for delivering messages that need context but don’t need a narrative. Our Espresso Shot service turns ideas into original 30-second video ads. Your professional video will engage your followers while likely reaching new viewers, too. In today’s day and age of advertising, video is a critical component of a brand’s success.

Videos are personal. Videos are shared amongst people. And, for better or worse, videos can make your service a topic of conversation. So let CoffeeBoys Productions help you make the best 30-second video ads in Montana! Please give us a call today at 406-577-2002 to start your social media video production in Montana and the greater Northwest.